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Gap Hill Church of God


Gap Hill is approximately 64 years old. We are an active church that is interested in reaching souls for Christ and serving the community through Him. We try to create an atmosphere of worship each week, so that families can come and be touched by the Spirit of God. Come join our services and look forward to a time of worship with us.

Along with Pastor Tony Edwards, Gap Hill Church of God has many ministries to offer anyone who wishes to have a growing relationship with Christ. A variety of ministries are available to meet your families needs, including ministries for Joyleers (Senior adults), Mens Fellowship, Women’s Ministries, Outreach Ministries (Families Fighting Addiction/Rest & Recovery), World & Home Missions Team, Nursing Home Ministries, Various Drama & Puppet Ministries, Prayer Ministries, Gap Kids Church, and Overflow Youth. Gap Hill is known abroad for their talent in music ministry which leads us in worship each week.

Gap Hill is a member of the Church of God denomination with headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee.  The state headquarters for the Church of God are located in Mauldin, South Carolina. For more information,

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