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Automated Phone Surveys and Polls

Automated Surveys and Polls are a powerful tool that gives your campaign immediate access to valuable data and instant feedback to help with crucial decision making during the campaign. Automated Surveys are quicker and more cost-effective than live calls.

How Does it Work?

After a recorded introduction to the survey, an unlimited number of pre-recorded questions can be asked. After each survey question, the system collects the response and proceeds to the next question. Questions are answered by pressing a digit on the telephone keypad. Certain questions can be skipped or branched depending on the design of the survey and the respondent’s answers.

Political Campaign and Organizations Effectively use Automated Surveys for:

  • Policy and Issues: A candidate can provide voters the option to hear their policy on different issues. For example, Press 1 to hear my stance on healthcare; press 2 to hear my stance on education; press 3 to speak to a member of my staff directly.
  • Issues Responance Research: Gauge which arguments about a candidate or issues are most persuasive to which voter.
  • Candidate Viability Research: Find out a potential candidate’s level of name recognition and voter preference amongst the general public or with a specific targeted list of voters.
  • Donation Solicitations: Each campaign needs to maximize their opportunities to raise funds. A survey provides voters and supporters with an immediate means to contribute and indicate the amount they wish to donate and way to pay. For example, if you wish to donate $25, please press one; if you want to donate $50, please press 2, if you wish to donate $100, please press 3.
  • Automated Voter ID: ID your vote quickly and for a fraction of the cost of Live Agent Voter ID. Also called Voter Auto ID, this voter identification method allows campaigns to reach voters who may not answer calls from Live Agents or provide an answer through door canvassing.

Automated phone surveys are ideal for collecting basic information from a wide audience quickly and efficiently. Here are a few of the applications:

  • Political Polling
  • Voter ID
  • Fundraising
  • Voter Trends

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