MyBackOffice Solutions

Call Center Solutions

MyBackOffice Solutions has the experience in providing call center support for political candidates, and groups and organizations. Our agents are trained on each campaign and use advanced technology which allows us to deliver an unparalleled call experience.

We offer a wide variety of services to support political campaigns including: Voter ID, Live calls, GOTV patch calls, Persuasion calls, Advocacy calls, Donations & Fundraising, Tele-Town recruitment, and live calls interacting with IVR’s.

MyBackOffice Solutions Benefits

  • U.S. Based
  • Capacity and Scalability
  • Quick Set-up
  • No Set-up Fees
  • No Contract
  • Affordable
  • Outbound Calls
  • Inbound Calls
  • Polling
  • GOTV
  • Solicit Volunteers
  • Ask permission for Yard Signs
  • Reporting

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