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Conference and Seminar Registration

MBOS offers our seminar registration service to businesses who are looking to streamline their seminar registration process by outsourcing to a call center who can manage all of their registration needs. We make your seminar registration easy and the process entirely managed through our call center leaving you time to concentrate on the seminar itself, not managing bookings, We are able to answer inbound seminar registration calls as they come in as well as outbound telemarketing to your participant list and signing them up for your seminar.

As a full service seminar registration company, we are able to manage everything including registration, gathering specific demographic information that you may need, provide information about your event, help book hotel rooms and plan travel itineraries, and more. As an outbound service, our agents can engage in outbound telemarketing and process the registrations over the phone. We can also perform seminar registration reminder services where we call your invitees days before the event to remind them as well as a follow-up service where our call center agents contact your seminar participants to get feedback on your seminar.

Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate. From telephone support for special events (wedding rsvp’s, parties, etc.) to managing your recurring class or seminar registration needs, our call center service specialists are here to help you every step of the way and become your total business solution. We can do everything from confirmation calls to packet fulfillment and everything in between. Trust your registration needs to the call center experts at MBOS.

The Seminar Registration Procedure

Through our seminar registration service application, we are able to sign up individuals and provide them any information you require as well as answer any questions they may have about your event according to a FAQ sheet you provide our call center staff with. All your calls are managed with the same respect you would find if they were being answered by your own staff.

All that is necessary on your end is to tell us exactly how you want your information managed including how to maintain and process your list, how to process any registration fees, what information they need to be sent, and any typical questions a prospective seminar registrant would have. Our call center staff is qualified to manage your seminar registration needs for any size and any scope seminar From a few hundred participants to thousands, we can help.

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