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Cross Selling and Upselling – Add Proven Skills for Your Business Needs!

What is cross selling and upselling?

Cross selling refers to selling of brand new services or products to the existing customer base. It is often referred to as one proactive sales approach designed to offer various information to the customers and thereby convincing them to purchase. The information which is forwarded to the customers relate to numerous products and services put on offer by a company.

Upselling is another sales approach. It is through upselling that the customers are offered with alternative options which they might not have given a thought earlier. This is purely described as a one basic salesman’s attempt to sell product add-ons and upgrades thereby attempting to put together higher value sale.

Most of the business concerns tend to move their call center operations in the direction to save additional costs. These people are however found to neglect the very fact that about 21% of the clients usually take resort to the cross selling or upselling prospects to market their products and services.

As per the market research conducted on customer care services each year it is found that more than 60% of the call centers fail to put into practice the cross selling and upselling basics during their customer interaction. This is the main reason why most call centers are found to struggle to get maximum return from their given investment.

Market analysis focuses on the fact that upselling and cross selling should be a must followed principle in the call centers. This is because those companies showcasing their newly launched services and products get cross selling and upselling services as one proven strategy to get better support from a call centre service.

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