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Emergency Alert Notification

Stay Connected, Safe and Focused With Emergency Alert Notification Through MyBackOffice Solutions

If disaster strikes, you have to be ready to protect your community. Lives depend on minimizing disruptions in times of chaotic situations. MyBackOffice Solutions keep you prepared to implement incident response plans. Simple, robust and always reliable, MyBackOffice Solutions helps you get the word out fast… when seconds count.

  • Extreme weather
  • Mass-casualty disasters
  • Evacuation notices
  • Criminal activity
  • Catastrophic damages to the facility
  • Utility outages
  • Environmental contamination
  • Biohazard risks
  • Fire, gas leaks, water main breaks

Unparalleled Flexibility

MyBackOffice Solutions makes it easy to send everyday messages, too. Notify everyone or specific groups with just a few simple steps. With MyBackOffice Solutions, you reach your targeted audience  using the communication method of their choice: voice…or, SMS test. When you initiate your message, it’s immediately sent to everyone at once across all communication mediums. Multiple phone numbers  per contact name dramatically increase your ability to instantly connect with targeted audience.

Emergency Management Providers Rely on MyBackOffice Solutions Crisis Notification System To:

  • Implement disaster response
  • Notify emergency teams
  • Issue severe weather alerts
  • Send emergency announcements
  • Issue instructions during unplanned or catastrophic events
  • Keep employees and community informed and updated
  • Announce training and certification classes
  • Conduct employee surveys
  • Announce employee events

MyBackOffice Solutions is completely reliable. Notifications happen independently of your systems or infrastructure.

  • 100% up time guaranteed
  • Triple redundant systems; geographically diverse facilities
  • Crystal clear fiber optic connections, uncompressed voice recordings ensure message delivery and reporting accuracy

Special features allow you to tailor messages to your specifications:

  • Use the medium you prefer or the situation requires: voice, or, SMS text.
  • Set-up subgroups within your call list to send messages to specific individuals or groups, such as departments, locations, management teams, etc.
  • View detailed, real-time reporting, available within minutes – confirms successful contacts and explains unsuccessful attempts (no answer, line busy, disconnected), provides documentation.
  • Re-dials busy and no-answer numbers – the sender sets the retry frequency
  • Give recipients the option to transfer to a live coordinator using their keypad
  • Gather important feedback from recipients when they enter a keypad response
  • Choose the caller ID number you want displayed when you call
  • All messages are assigned high priority status, bumped to the front of the call queue and sent immediately

MyBackOffice Solutions provides the ultimate in convenience and messaging abilities. Get a free trial account, view real-time confirmation reports and send messages in seconds.

Simple, Easy, Effective

MyBackOffice Solutions makes it fast and easy to send messages anytime from any phone or Internet-connected computer. Set-up is simple, efficient and secure. We will help you upload your list of contacts. Your crisis notification system can easily be set-up to automatically send updates to your list of contacts at MyBackOffice Solutions. There’s no software to purchase, no hardware to install and no additional phone lines are required. Our data transfer and storage employ the highest level of data encryption available.

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