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  • What Carrier’s do you support?
    We work with all major providers: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, Boost, Virgin, Dobson, Midwest Wireless, Cincinnati Bell, US Cellular and Alltel, etc.In Canada: Bell Mobility, Rogers, VirginMobile , Aliant, Fido, MTS / Aistream Inc., Northern Telephone, Rogers, Sasktel, Telebec, Telus, Wind
  • Once I register a keyword, for how long do I own it?
    Your keyword remains in your account for as long as you make the monthly payments. If you cancel your account or fail to make your payment, the keyword becomes available for others to register after 45 days.
  • How can I upload, or enter mobile phone #’s to one of my marketing lists? If you have an existing list that you need imported, upload it through the dashboard control panel. Additional subscribers can be added to your list if they opt in to your campaign by sending a text message to your keyword, or they can enter their information right on your website.
  • Do I need to put software on my personal computer?  No software is required, and you configure your campaigns through our dashboard that you can access from any computer that is connected to the Internet.
  • Can I start with a small plan and then upgrade if I need more?
    Yes, you can change your plan at anytime. Need more text messages because your customer base is growing rapidly? Call or e-mail in and one of our friendly customer service representatives will change your current plan to the plan that best fits your needs.
  • Can I cancel my plan at anytime?
    Yes, we do month-to-month agreements to insure satisfaction of all clients.
  • How often can I send new promotions or alerts to my list?
    As often as you like, however, the Mobile Marketing Association recommends no more than 2 per week, although the frequency really varies by business model. Consult with someone from our team to insure the right frequency and minimize opt-outs.
  • Do I get charged for incoming text messages?
    No. We only count outbound messages to your database.* In Canada, there is a charge for incoming Messages, however.
  • Can I reserve more than one keyword?
    Yes. You may possibly want to reserve many keywords for different types of campaigns you want to run. You can also set them at different rates depending on if you will use them for ongoing campaigns or merely once a year or some other frequency.
  • Do you have a referral or affiliate program?
    We have some great reseller programs that allow you to sell our services and we rebrand the dashboard so you can sell it as your own.
  • What is SMS?
    SMS stands for Short Message Service. This is the standard by which all phones send and receive text messages. ‘Text Messages’ and ‘SMS’ are often used synonymously.
  • Do my customers get charged to receive text messages?
    Only from their wireless provider, and most wireless carriers include text messaging with their service plans.
  • What is a Text Opt-In?
    In order to send someone a text message, you must first get their permission. This is accomplished by the user texting in your KEYWORD to the short code (72727) and they have opted in.
  • How do my customers Opt-Out?
    Users can Opt-Out at any time by replying STOP to any message they receive. They can also text STOP to any short code.
  • What is a Short Code?
    It is an abbreviated phone number provided by us exclusively. This 5 digit (or 6 digit) number identifies what company and program is sending Business to Consumer (B2C) texts. It appears as the ‘FROM’ number on the mobile phone.
  • Who approves short codes?
    Short Code programs have to be individually approved by each wireless carrier to prevent spammers. We handle all of these issues for your company.
  • Do I need a Short Code?
    No. You can share the short code that we provide. Obtaining your own Short Code is a costly and time consuming process. You can reap all the benefits of having a Short Code by simply reserving a unique keyword from our company.
  • How many characters can I have in my outgoing text messages?
    160 is the standard length for SMS text messages, however your messages need to contain enough room to support certain disclaimers such as “Reply STOP to end”.
  • What is an MMS?  This is a Multi-media message, (picture or video). We deliver these for FREE for our customers.
  • Do you guys deliver custom Smartphone apps?  Yes, we have apps for our company that can be launched in as little as 24 hours. We also build custom apps that we would be happy to discuss the scope and scale of whatever opportunity you might have.

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