MyBackOffice Solutions

Get Out To Vote

Do you Need you need your voters to Get Out To Vote…Do you need to get your message out NOW, to thousands of voters cost effectively? Robo calls allow your campaign to target voters with your recorded phone message, give them valuable information, and help you capture valuable data to win your election…

  • Advocacy Voice Broadcasting Calls
  • Endorsement Auto Calls
  • Campaign Fundraising Calls
  • Persuasion Message ROBO Calls
  • Grassroots Advocacy Calls
  • Early voting- Vote by mail reminder calls
  • Event Notification
  • Rally Notification
  • Reminder Calls
  • Absentee Ballot Notification

Benefits of MyBackOffice Solutions:

  • Fast…Up to 1,000,000 calls per hour
  • Quick Reporting
  • Quick Set-up
  • No Set-up Fee
  • Very Affordable
  • No Contracts

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