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Mobile Coupons

How does it work?

Mobile Coupons helps database building and deploying mobile messages to databases is made extremely easy through our web-based interface. But the real work starts with how we grow those databases in the first place, because as “permission based” marketers, we have to get the clients to let us send them messages. Call us at MyBackOffice Solutions today to discuss strategies that will make this happen in Spades for your company!


We will create a campaign to build databases of your current customers at the point of sale easily. The goal with most businesses is to grow between 10 and 15 customers per day per location.


Integration with “Traditional” Media

By combining mobile engagements to your current event marketing, sponsorships, radio, tv, print, or whatever you use to reach out to new business, we will grow a database of leads. Then by broadcasting future reminders, specials, or coupons to this lead database, we will convert them to new clients.


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