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An accomplished musician and songwriter, Jeff Bates has been on the Nashville recording scene for over fifteen years.  What may surprise some is that his personal life chronicles that of a classic country song:  broken relationships, addiction and even jail led Jeff to what is now a moving ministry of his life through story and song.

Winner of the ICM Faith, Family and Country Award for Mainstream Artist of the Year in 2011, Jeff continues to write and record secular country music, but his burning desire is to share his testimony of trial and tribulation through the holds of drug addiction and how turning his life to Jesus and staying strong to his choices has lead him on a journey he could only have dreamed to travel.

“I share it all through story and song,” Bates says.  His powerful and compelling testimonies to churches, special interest groups and communities touch thousands of lives each year.  Fifteen years sober, his inspiring story holds hope and inspiration for all.

Jeff has devoted much of his time to touring the country and sharing his message with as many people as possible.

To hear how Jeff has impacted the people who have heard his testimony as well as venues where Jeff is scheduled, Click Here

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Jeff’s Acceptance Speech at ICM Music Awards

If you would like to schedule Jeff Bates for your church or community please contact:

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