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Our corporate mission is very different from that of most other political firms. It is not to assist a cause or run a candidate for elective office just because it is profitable or to prove that we can win.

The mission, without exception, is to help our nation reclaim the core values on which it was formed: Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, Federalism and the proper authority of the States under the 10th Amendment, the Rule of Law, and what our founders rightly understood as God-given, not man-made, rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Government is purposed to secure these rights–not to create them, or take them away.

Thus, it is our belief that the best way to reclaim and protect those values is for the people to elect to public office only those constitutionally conservative citizens who are uncompromising in their support of those values as well as the Judeo-Christian heritage on which they are firmly based, and for our nation to consistently support life and truth and consistently oppose immorality and error, whether or not it is culturally popular or “politically correct” at the time.

Therefore, New Valley Forge is very selective in the use of its time and resources, and will assist only candidates and causes that it firmly believes will advance the principles which we hold dear. The firm believes that just as our roster of candidates and causes sends a message about who we are and what we believe, an unmistakable message is also sent to knowledgeable voters about the core values and capabilities of those candidates we assist.

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