MyBackOffice Solutions

Overview Of Campaign Support

MyBackOffice Solutions offers a plethora of options for campaign strategists to gain support for their candidate.  We provide quick set up, no contract and no set up fee services for campaigns.  Our quality, American staff have been chosen for their professionalism and are trained to assist in campaign strategies.  They are ready to support you with:

  • Live Advocacy calls
  • Live Polling
  • Live Town Hall Meetings
  • Automated Polling
  • ROBO calling
  • GOTV calls
  • Fundraising
  • Text messaging campaigns
  • Recruiting and coordination of volunteers
  • Permission to place yard signs

The results of these services are available in real time and our reports are detailed and accurate.  We take pride in providing our clients with precise and reliable data in order for them to best make the right decisions for the campaign.


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