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Overview Of Mass Messaging

MyBackOffice Solutions has your solution to notifying many people within a matter of minutes.  We have options of both text messaging as well as audio alerts to accommodate all of the people to whom you need to connect and do so at a million calls an hour.  This service has many applications for cities and municipalities, churches, schools, hair salons, doctors and dentists offices as well as retail shops and restaurants.

Our emergency alerts are often used to notify:

  • citizens of bad weather conditions such as tornado warnings, icy roads and flooding
  • volunteer fire fighters of fire calls
  • utility outages
  • church congregational members of urgent prayer needs
  • parents of school lock-downs or school cancellations
  • lock downs of buildings and offices

Non-emergency notifications can be sent out as:

  • a reminder of big trash pick up or other city events
  • church notices regarding special services or a sermon series
  • coupons or special offers from restaurants
  • sale announcements or notification that popular merchandise is in stock
  • appointment reminders
  • school announcements of special programs or sports events

A text for information campaign can be used by Real Estate professionals to give immediate information regarding listed properties, in a retail setting to demonstrate a product, at a political rally to present the platform of a particular candidate or in any case where information needs to be relayed or you would like to have your client directed to a website or other link.

We encourage you to choose the option under this tab that best fits or interest or call 918-623-9155 for further information.


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