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Overview Of Voice Broadcasting

Use Voice Broadcast to send important alerts, promotions, updates, and notifications to customers, employees, voters, and more. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to reach more in less time. Voice broadcast has numerous applications spanning across industries. It’s simple to setup and will add a personal touch to your communications.

MyBackOffice Solutions can help your organization reach its targeted audience quickly and efficiently…by dialing up to 1,000,000 numbers per hour, at a very affordable rate!

Key Features of Voice Broadcasting

  • Message personalization with text-to-speech
    Personalize your voice broadcasts for each recipient by having the text-to-speech feature insert their name, company, account balance, or any other information you want in the voice message.
  • Interaction with IVR
    Use outbound IVR to add interactive functionality to your calls to collect information or tailor specific messages based on responses.
  • Complete scheduling control
    Get complete control over when to schedule voice blasts, how quickly to send out customer notifications, and when to pause your voice broadcast campaigns.
  • Live transfers
    Give voice broadcast recipients the option to be transferred directly to a live agent to confirm or update an appointment, place an order, or any other activity.
  • Voicemail detection
    Customize your voice blasts with two messages: one for when a live person answers the phone, and an alternative for when the call goes to voicemail.
  • Real-time reporting
    Why wait to receive reports from an account manager? Access real-time voice messaging reports on your voice blast campaigns online whenever you want.
  • 100% on-time delivery guarantee
    When you have a scheduled broadcast, you should expect it to go out on time.

Who uses Mass Message Broadcasting?

  • Political Campaigns
  • Emergency Management Services
  • Reliable intelligence about your prospects behavior and preferences
  • Cities and Towns
  • Counties
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Sports Teams
  • Staff Notification Services
  • Property Management

Benefits of MyBackOffice Solutions:

  • Fast…Up to 1,000,000 calls per hour
  • Quick Reporting
  • Quick Set-up
  • No Set-up Fee
  • Very Affordable
  • No Contracts

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