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Text Messaging For Churches

Text Messaging, you can communicate meaningful and urgent messages far and wide, instantly reaching a vast number of people all at once. This is a quick and effective way to engage with staff and your congregation members. Just think, over 95% of text messages are read within the first five minutes.

Exactly how can Text Messaging For Churches and Voice Broadcast For Churches work together to help your organization achieve its goals? Here are 7 ways:

  1. General Reminders
    Use voice broadcast or SMS texting to remind your congregation members of prayer meetings, special offerings (as for holidays like Christmas and Good Friday), retreat sign-ups, and congregational meetings. You can also make weekly announcements, as well as let your members know how close your organization is to reaching its fundraising goals.
  2. Ministry News and Signups
    Voice broadcast and text blasts can also be used to keep your members informed of news about various ministries. For instance, parents may be sent texts regarding children’s ministry or perhaps your missions department needs a thoughtful personalized message to encourage signups.
  3. Urgent Messages and Alerts
    Traffic and parking issues, as well as other urgent issues like scheduling changes, can be communicated quickly and easily to many people through SMS texting or voice broadcast.
  4. Encouragements
    Send texts or voice broadcasts to encourage member participation in congregation-wide activities like fasting or a devotional series. Messages can be personalized.
  5. Coordinating Events
    Raise awareness and build excitement about future events and coordinate attendance via text. Then send a voice broadcast reminder.
  6. Virtual Prayer Box or Suggestion Box
    Encourage members to text in prayer requests and suggestions. They will appreciate feeling they’ve been immediately heard!
  7. Drip Campaign For New Members
    Finally, take advantage of mobile technology to keep your congregation growing! SMS messaging is the perfect way to get the attention of new members through drip campaigns, a strategy that sends a pre-written set to members over time.

When technology meets conviction, organizations can truly change the world. These are just 7 simple and effective ways your church can communicate with staff, members, and volunteers in this mobile-driven culture.

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