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How To Win The Undecided Voter

The best way to change a voters mind from undecided to being your supporter is to meet with them. When you meet with them you can hear their concerns, explain your solutions, and build a bond. But you probably do not have enough time before Election Day to walk door to door to meet with each undecided voter. So you might think: I’ll just hold a town meeting and invite everyone to come. But the problem with big physical meetings is: undecided voters are very unlikely to come to your events unless you spend many dollars per attendee…and your opposition is also very likely to come to heckle and cause trouble. But now there is an easy, low priced way to meet with tens of thousands of voters at once and hear their concerns, talk with them, and let them hear how you interact and help them.

Best of all, the voters do not have to leave their homes; they can attend your meeting over the phone from their home, or work, or even from their car. In this way, you make it easy for the undecided voters to meet you, interact with you, and get to know you. We think this is the single most powerful way to influence lots of undecided voters, period. Our easy to use Telephone Town Hall meetings call up to 10,000 voters per minute and put the ones that want to attend into your meeting.

This means that within 3 minutes you could reach up to 30,000 voters plus all the voters that you told to call into the meeting. You can poll all of your attendees at once and see instant results to your questions. You can bring selected attendees live into the meeting to let them ask questions and share opinions. Then you can answer their questions, address their concerns, and convince people that they should support you and the things that you stand for.



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